Ein schlechtes Gedicht über vorgekaute Gedanken

I’m writing these letters knowing you’ll forget Knowing you only read because you got time to kill Read because you want to prove you care Blaming yourself because who else is there To care Certainly not me Sitting on a … Weiterlesen


…Last Night I Dreamt…

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  A visitation Hazy, dizy, too dreamy Crooked smile Little diamonds dazzle me I can see you Coming You’re far away Arms longing to grasp Air, nothingness Where are you? I can feel you Next to me Shadowy illusion Intertwined … Weiterlesen


Tails of untrustworthy Truths

Tails of untrustworthy Truths Neurons causing muscles to strain Opening gates which have better stayed closed Some arm is lifted, a brow is raised And there it goes Lips opening slightly, Revealing streams of dead celled fluids, Dead organic material in between … Weiterlesen


The Silver Forest

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    Bitter winter Fiction dogs are starving The radio is moaning softly                     calling to the dogs There are still a few                  animals left in the Yard Sit up all night,                 talking Smoking Count the dead and … Weiterlesen


The Guide to the Labyrinth

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  Everything human     is leaving         her face Soon she will disappear     into the calm         vegetable             morass Stay! My Wild Love! -Jim Morrison   Advertisements


The Doors – ein Gedicht

The Doors Looking in my mirror, Feeling flashbacks of past, of future Hoping to find what I might be looking for Waking up an passing through unknown doors   Looking in my mirror, Imagining a world beyond my own A … Weiterlesen